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18 January 2022

Everything you need to know about our on-farm delivery service!

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to get all the jobs done, let alone popping into town to pick up stuff for the farm.

Our clinics have a delivery service, servicing the wider communities ensuring you get your products on-farm when you need them. We understand how hard getting into town can be when you are under the pump, which is why our delivery teams head out every day to help you get the products you need. We have been asked a few questions recently about deliveries, so we thought we could share the answers with you!

How does it work?

The regions are split up and our drivers hit up different routes to make sure we can get to all the hard to reach corners of the South. The on-farm reps head out to different areas each day, servicing all of our clients.

My farm is too small, it’s probably not worth the drama.

We deliver to all sheep, beef, deer and dairy farms. If you have 1 animal or 1000, we’ve got you covered. VetSouth has always prioritised happy, healthy and productive animals in the South, and enabling our farmers to do what they do best.

I don’t need something every week.

That’s fine! We will contact you when you are delivering in your area, simply just ignore it if you don’t need anything, we do not take it personally when we are left on ‘read’!

I need to order a lot of bulky products.

If you have a large order, calling in a day or two ahead of time can ensure we have everything you need ready to go. We have space in the van and ute to accommodate for this reason.

If you are yet to sign up, let your KeyVet know the next time you see them or give our amazing team a ring on 0800 VETSOUTH. 


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