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We are currently operating under Covid-19 Traffic Light System - Red. We welcome you into our clinics adhering to physical distancing and hygiene measures. Please wear a mask, scan/sign in, sanitise on the way in, and keep your distance. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you!

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We’re pet lovers. Highly trained, vastly experienced and fully devoted to caring for your special family member.


Farming is what we live for. We’re specialists in production animals and lead the industry in knowledge & experience.


With some of the best known and most experienced Equine vets in Southland, we’ll make sure your horse is in the very best of health.


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We don’t provide jobs. We provide a home for the skilled, the passionate, the aspiring and the forward thinking. This is a home for those who want a sense of belonging, to be part of a community and a culture committed to science and smiles. It’s a good place. It’s home.

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18 Jan 2022

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Regular Weighing of Youngstock
18 Jan 2022

Think it's extra work? We can do it when you have the animals in the yards for other health treatments. And with mobile scales, we can...

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Preparation for Scanning
18 Jan 2022

Vet Claire and Tech Steph share their top tips for an easy scan. There’s a lot going on when heifers and cows are getting scanned....

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We are a member of XLVets, who represent the most progressive and innovative practices in New Zealand. Our aim is to progress rural veterinary services.

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Welfarm is a country wide initiative developed by XLVets in conjunction with Fonterra to measure annual welfare and productivity.

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