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Winter Workshop 2021

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11 June 2021

We are delighted to announce our popular annual Winter Workshops are back again, run in-house by our knowledgeable and experienced vets themselves.  


Join us for a classroom session on the importance of minimising lameness in your herd. This will cover how to pick a lame cow, the anatomy of a cow’s foot and treating all the different types of lameness. More importantly, it covers how you can prevent lameness in your herd. This section will cover cow flow and behaviour, backing gates, all human factors that lead to a lame cow. This talk is aimed at farmworkers that are looking to take a proactive role in preventing and treating lame cows in their herd.


How is mastitis affecting your cows? And what can you do about it? As one of the most costly diseases to the dairy industry worldwide mastitis is a topic that never gets old; come along to the Milkwise discussion to learn about the importance of mastitis to you and your cows. From the basics of understanding what mastitis actually is, to the role of happy cows, ugly teats and leaky liners. Learn how you can improve your milking routine to save you time and money, from the new recruit to the old hand, there really is something for everyone. With the ever changing regulations around welfare and antibiotic usage, what better way to stay up to date than a discussion with a team of like-minded individuals.

Calf Rearing:          

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is involved with rearing calves (dairy or beef) this season, regardless of their experience level. Topics covered include information on best practice calf rearing: colostrum management, feeding, housing, welfare, how to identify sick calves and how to treat them. We will also cover the legislation around calf disbudding and local anaesthetic use. The session will be practical and interactive, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There will be something for everyone.

Calving First Aid       

This workshop will cover the common animal health issues encountered on farm during spring. Topics included are tips & tricks for calving a cow, what to do when the calf is presenting abnormally plus when it’s best to call a vet. The various causes of down cows, how to treat & care for them appropriately & how to place a bag in the vein plus scenario’s that are true emergencies to call your vet. This seminar is aimed at junior staff but also any other farm staff wanting a refresher.

Antimicrobial Usage:    

This workshop will include information on WHY the drive to control Antibiotic use on farms is so important to the future of farming and what it means for the next generation of our families. It will include tested strategies for you and your staff to implement on the farm. We will talk about the Traffic Light System (list of importance of antibiotics we use) and include preventative measures and possible alternatives to your day to day animal health plan for the treatment of animals on your farm.  

$55 per person, $45 for the 2nd workshop or person.



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