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Here at VetSouth, we are doing our bit to contribute to a better NZ. We are now providing video consults and phone consults Monday - Friday to keep your animal healthy and happy.

Telemedicine, alongside our curbside collection and delivery service means you can get the care for your pets from the comfort and security of your home. We are set up to use a variety of technologies so we will definitely have one that suits you. If you would like to share photos and videos this can definitely help.

Book a video consultation with one of our experienced vets and talk through your concerns in the comfort of your own home.

If telemedicine is not appropriate i.e. emergency, continue as normal and ring your local clinic to arrange an appointment at the clinic. Some health conditions will not be appropriate for telemedicine as may require physical examination and diagnostic tests, but we will make every effort to provide care and recommendations for your pet.

Please fill out the below history form before the appointment. Your clinic will then contact you to arrange your appointment and collect your credit or debit card details. The consultation fee of $55 will be placed as a hold on your card. After your consultation the reception team will complete the payment with your consent, when any additional medications and product orders have been added. The clinic will prepare medications for your animal which can be collected from the clinic or delivered.

Please note if the veterinarian is not able to treat your animal remotely and asks you to visit the clinic, you will only pay one consultation fee. Delivery incurs a $3.50 fee which will be donated to the NZ Red Cross whilst we are at Level 4. Delivery is free for Super Gold Card holders.

Watch our video tutorial to see how quick and easy it is!



Please note: This service is only available to active clients of VetSouth. This is because a Veterinary-Client-Patient relationship must be established prior to a veterinarian making a medical judgement regarding the health of an animal patient. Although if you are not a client of VetSouth we can still provide general advice for issues that have not been seen by your own vet, but we are unable to prescribe medications. 


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