fbpx Kaitlyn Wright Veterinary Technician at Vet South Winton
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Veterinary Technician

Kaitlyn Wright

Born in Taumaranui but raised in sunny Nelson, Kaitlyn found her way to VetSouth in January 2018. This wasn’t long after gaining a Diploma of Rural Veterinary Technicians from Telford. The appeal of VetSouth for Kaitlyn is “the team and how nice everyone is”. Life outside VetSouth is very busy Kaitlyn has a 20 acre lifestyle block with Belted Galloway cows that she plans to breed from, plus there’s a few sheep. Luckily, there’s help at hand in the form of Reign and Blake the Border Collies, along with Cooper the Jack Russell. The cats, Frankie and Milly, are probably less help.