fbpx Courtney Owen Head Veterinary Nurse at VetSouth Invercargill
Courtney Cosgriff
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Head Veterinary Nurse

Courtney Owen

From Invercargill, Courtney graduated from the Southern Institute of Technology in 2008 with a diploma in Veterinary Nursing. At VetSouth for just over a decade, Courtney is now the Head Vet Nurse and specialises in cat behaviour and low-stress handling, along with meeting the needs of critical care patients. Care for cats sometimes includes adopting rescue cats. Indeed, 5 rescue cats have made their way home with Courtney to join her Black smoke maine coon (Hades) and Boxer dog (Ollie). Courtney would love to spend more time travelling with her husband, Karl. She’s also somewhat of a movie buff (horror and superhero) concert junkie and sometimes comic convention attendee.