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Sedating rams for shearing

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Briar Cooper


13 February 2019

For safety reasons, the sedation of rams over 75kg has become a common request from shearing contractors. It has been found that the light sedation of rams prior to shearing can have the following benefits:

• Reduced risk of shearer injury, both musculoskeletal injury and hand piece cuts.• Fewer shearing cuts to the ram.
• Better shearing job.
• Quicker shearing, leading to less stress on the animal.
• VetSouth’s preferred sheep sedative is ACP (acepromazine) which is a mild sedative and delivers consistent results.

This sedative can be administered by the farmer 20 minutes before shearing. To obtain and administer ACP, farmers are required to run through the Vet Operating Instructions in clinic. This will as cover pre and post considerations and sedative administration. For more information contact us at our Gore Clinic 03 209 0101 or Winton  Clinic 03 236 6090.


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