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Brendon Bell


01 April 2020

We are considered an essential service so remain open over lockdown BUT it's not for business as usual. Below are some questions and answers about how we are to operate over lockdown.

What services can we offer?

We are able to attend emergencies, critical care cases, wounds/trauma - things that cannot wait. Routine things like dental, vaccinations, branding, certificates are not able to be seen. Please call us to discuss your horse's problem and one of the vets can talk to you to decide if we should see the horse.

How do I contact VetSouth Equine?
Phone our regular number 03 2176688 - it is manned 24/7.

How will you operate under lockdown conditions?
To be able to provide ‘essential’ services we must take strict precautions to protect ourselves and horse owners. Please don't be offended by these precautions - we are just like any other business at lockdown.

  • Please call ahead to arrange any horse examination.
  • The clinic is staffed but the doors are closed.
  • If possible horses can come to the clinic and we can examine them using a nurse to hold the horse while owners remain out of the area in their vehicle.
  • We can come out to your place to see the horse and may bring a nurse to hold the horse.
  • Owners can hold horses and we will attempt the 2m distancing rule.
  • We ask only one person attends the horse.
  • Where possible we prefer to examine the horse out in the breeze and not in a stable.
  • We will bring our own cleaned halter and lead ropes.

What About drugs/medications I need for my horse?
We can still supply these. Call the clinic on 2176688 and we will arrange to leave these outside the clinic in a designated area.

Can horses pass on COVID-19 virus?
The virus does not affect animals only humans. There have been no proven cases of a horse or any animal transmitting the virus from human to human. Roughened surfaces like horse hair do not hold the virus as well as smooth surfaces - so it appears very unlikely the virus will survive on horse hair.


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